Origin Edit

123zc1 got featured by Simpleflips when he ate an Entire Pringles Can for $100.

He did this because of a Tweet Simpleflips made saying would you eat an entire Pringles can for $100.

His real Origin on youtube was a video with the name of HQ Test, where he plays a game with a ball.

123 Oatme... i mean zc1

Explained Edit

Explained is a series where 123zc1 explains stuff.

He has Explained things like We Are Number One, Snow Halation and more.

The Pringles Can Edit

The Pringles Can he ate was a very big mistake in his life, this 123zc1 told us in the comments on the Entire Pringles Can for $100 where he said "Please don't do this. I had a final the next day and was very sick throughout the whole thing. I failed that final." which means he failed his finals because of The Pringles Can (if you couldn't tell)

Overall a mistake.

Water Edit

123zc1 has never drunk water in his life, this is explained in his DO I DRINK WATER? video where he also explains that he hates water drinkers.

Vlogs Edit

123zc1 does vlogs he has made 5 Seasons of vlogs.


Who 123zc1 is, is explained in the WHO IS HE? video, which is an introduction video.

By examining we can see that he is Ness and a Human?

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