On numerous occasions, SimpleFlips has said that he himself, along with many other Twitch viewers, has a score none other than (and it'll never be another lower score) of 200 IQ. This characteristic is so helpful in SimpleFlips' everyday adventures that even complex questions and equations that the average beta cannot even begin to comprehend are nothing but child's play for Simple. Since he has no legs, Simp has had even more time to focus on his exercise of the mind and it's powers, giving him a headstart on even the world's most intelligent scholars. The God-given ability of having 200 IQ has never let it's beholder down, because if we look closer... And you take how utterly gay Simple is and combine it with his own mind, you'll get one of the most powerful beings to walk this earth, thus Mr. Flips' species being recognized as "God" "Cocktus Erectus".

Every Super Mario Maker race, Puyo-Puyo match, and ROM hack has been easily passed by this koopa-stomping, bomb and gate-clipping, owl-ling(?), two-timing "buckle-my-shoe" champion. You could almost give this life-form a name that mimics Scuttlebug Bandy's full and extensive title.

"What does SimpleFlips' 200 IQ help him with with other miscellaneous activities?"

  • Preparing his universally-known oatmeal.
  • Shaving his facial-hair.
  • Singing. (Showing off his innate ability to sing "Gary/Markass Come Home".)
  • Designing merch. (Only the best and most stylish!)
  • Hearing Loohoo's sneezes.
  • Creating the concept of the ever-expanding penny
  • And many more to soon be discovered!

Oh yeah, and he can play Super Mario 64 really well because of his IQ.

His Penis is also very small due to his IQ.
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