Definition Edit

Traditionally, an adhesive is a substance used to attach objects together or onto something. In this case, it is sticker glue,

Sample Adhesive

A Sampling of adhesive. Safe for human consumption. Low tier stick value.

and is used to mount BUP to the wall.

Origins Edit

Gaining its popularity in the video "Surprise Lava" where after a user donated 1000 bits with a message explaining that if Simpleflips didn't fix the BUP on the wall their clit would explode. Simpleflips then went on to further peel the BUP off the wall.

After much more outcry, and a memorable bit message that went - "simple fucking flips if you don't give my BUP boy some proper adhesive I will take a bullet -

train to your house and toss your salad NotLikeThis." Simpleflips then proceeded to fix the BUP and then go on to put another sticker at the top of it to trigger people and stop the sticker from peeling. The clip gaining a lot of popularity due to the awkward spacing the voice-to-text bot gave the message (if you don't give my BUP boy some proper adhesive I will take a bullet ----- train to your house), and so the term adhesive gained popularity with it.

BUP was absent in several videos, presumably due to SimpleFlips moving house, and present in others, sometimes even appearing in a video and being gone by the next such as in the case of "Nathaniel Bandy's 1000 Coin Speedrun Challenge!" and "IM THE GOOMBA NOW [Super Mario Maker", the latter with BUPs absent and the former with three BUPs proudly mounted; this could have something to do with Adhesive's inability to function properly with small surface areas, such as acoustic foam.

Trivia Edit

  • The BUP's cry can be heard around the world
  • Elmer's glue, although a low tier adhesive, makes for a light snack as it is non-toxic
  • BUP stickers and other Simpleflips merchandise is available at his DesignByHumans page
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