"BLJ the Thwomp's Cock" refers to a time when Simpleflips was trying to get a star in Shining Stars 3 in the Sanctuary of Space by BLJ'ing off a corner of a Thwomp. 44 minutes in, Simple made a remark about how the star was called "BLJ the Thwomp's Cock." After 2 hours, Simpleflips finally managed to achieve the impossible. However, due to a failed attempt, Simple's grandma never boogied.

Some time later, Ben sent Simple a rom hack titled "BLJ". It only had one star, being “BLJ the Thwhomp’s cock”. It is notable for the camera constantly being fucked up. On his third try (which rounds down to a first try), Simpleflips managed to get the star, and generated an interesting sound as a result.

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