Chuckyas are large purple Bob-ombs (despite not ever exploding) with hands in Super Mario 64. Their main behavior, or modus-operandi, is to locate the Mighty Plumber and chase him down, then grab him, spin around, and fling him off a cliff (or if the plumber is lucky, someplace that isn't off a cliff, like into Quicksand). Similarly, Mario can grab them by their shiny metal behinds and throw them off a cliff to cause them to promptly explode into exactly 3 coins when they hit the ground.

The Chuckya Box Edit

What's more important, is the Chuckya Box.

The Chuckya Box is a yellow box that contains a single Chuckya. It is overly hard to avoid for it spawns on top of Mario when it spawns. Whenever SimpleFlips manages to get to the end of a painfully hard obstacle, almost every time he smashes the plumber's fist into a box, it will actually be a Chuckya Box. This Chuckya will be impossibly hard to avoid, like all Chuckyas spawned out of boxes, not to mention it's probably on a tiny platform, and it will grab Mario, while the plumber struggles in pain, and throw the plumber into the void. Chuckya Boxes don't actually appear in Super Mario 64, but because of the way the game is coded boxes can be edited to include other objects than a star.

In Simple's Videos... Edit

  • One Chuckya was thrown by Simple during one stream, but after being thrown was picked up by Mario. This resulted in Mario being grabbed by the Chuckya in mid-air. The Chuckya had died a few frames prior to picking up Mario. This concluded with GBJ in mid-air.
  • During SimpleFlips' Christmas ROM Hack Competition, there was a ROM Hack that had glitches galore. During this ROM hack, Simple long-jumped to a wall-jumping gap, but it was too long for a normal long-jump. A glitch in this ROM hack spawned Mario in the Chuck-ya's grasp briefly and the Chuck-ya quickly threw the plumber back to the wall. SImp himself was at loss of words when he saw this happen.
  • In one ROM-hack, SimpleFlips stopped to grab a Chuckya and then throw it off a cliff, killing it instantly. Right afterwards, a well placed standing teleport marked by a coin instantly teleported Mario into Quicksand, killing him instantly. There was no way to avoid the teleport as Mario was unable to move during the throw animation.
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