Dad is a depressing song written by SimpleFlips, displaying the struggles of throwing bombs to phase through gates. It has since become a minor joke on the channel.

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The video was uploaded on December 15th, 2017, and included clips of SimpleFlips playing Super Mario 64 and failing to perform the Bomb Clip, a speedrunning technique used to clip through the gate in Bomb-omb battlefield.

These clips are played alongside audio of SimpleFlips singing about his deep struggles of playing videogames and his childhood trauma of his father putting him in Gay Baby Jail for minutes on end.

As of November 2018, this video has over 110,000 views. The pinned comment is of SimpleFlips saying "I'm sorry".

Lyrics Edit

Nobody.... knows... What it's like,

My... plight.

A man, on a flight.

While in flight, a bomb in hand, to push one man to clip this gate;

Fail, and reciece hate;

But it is just I, an idiot.

One time I saw my dad, and he was looking really mad

He said you better run away

'cause I'm about to make you gay

'cause I'm about to make you gay

And I'm about to make ya pay

You'll be spinnin' when I grab your tail.

I hope that you're ready for Gay Baby Jail...


I've been softlocked for a minute;

was about to ask "who did it?"

Just get me out of here, I'll even make a deal;

I'd even sing:

One, Two Oatmeal.

As a Joke Edit

Dadkey Kong

Dadkey Kong

The video became popular amongst the community because of the L O R E behind it. For example, Zimbo created a video titled "Dadkey Kong" which uses the DK Rap sentence mixed to produce the lyrics. This popularity eventually spawed two spin-off videos by SimpleFlips himself.

Dad 2

Dad 2

Dad (Remastered)

Dad (Remastered)

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