Fred is a minor character in the lore who is constantly getting fucked by Simpleflips. Fred is typically brought up when Simpleflips is dying while playing a game. It usually goes something like this, "I'm fucking dead!.. I'm fucking Fred!!"

Simpleflips is known to get angry when someone brings up fucking Fred, shouting out, "What?!" when someone brought up that they had fucked Fred in a donation.

The true identity of Fred is still unknown, however, Simpleflips' lover, Loohoo, mentioned during her stream on March 6th, 2018, that she was Fred, after someone in the chat asked, "How can u live with simp if he's always fucking fred". Simpleflips has yet to confirm whether or not Loohoo is telling the truth, however, it does explain why Simpleflips gets angry when someone supposedly fucks Fred.

Since the traumatic experiences, Fred has been seeking counselling for his broken anus, and broken mind.
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