In an Tetris game that allows competive play, there is normally a feature known as "garbage." You see, when a 200 IQ awesome pro player clears a line while fighting against another, a line with a single one block wide gap will be sent to the other player's board. That line can be then cleared, sending the trash lines back again to the other player's face.

Garbage is normally preventable if the awesome pro player clears a line before the Garbage is dumped on his board, at which point that garbage goes into the trash, it goes.

1 line of trash isn't much to fuss over, but when three hundred lines get piled up on SimpleFlips, the man, the myth, the legend, shit gets seriously fucking real. Sometimes the Garbage is so unfair that SimpleFlips just dies without a line gotten in. This bullshit tends to happen right after Simpleflips has gotten first place.

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