Simpleflips trapped in GBJ

Gay Baby Jail (GBJ for short) is SimpleFlips' term for a softlock. Generally, this term refers to a set of circumstances that make progression through a game impossible. Not all GBJ's are created equal, and some are harder to escape from than others; as there have been instances in which SimpleFlips has been able to get out, usually by God-BLJing. (Ironic, because as it literally says later on in the article here, "If you can BLJ it's not a GBJ". Seriously, don't contradict yourself in your own article, LOL)

In the lore, it has the connotation of being a physical location that traps the player character inescapably. However, GBJ has also been treated as a spiritual state that resurfaces throughout one's life.

Jet Eriksen (better known as Piplup Guy) records the GBJ's SimpleFlips encounters in each video.

The origins of GBJ can be found in the video "Super Mario XD" in which simpleflips get stuck in a cage that a viewer called "Gay Baby Jail." Simpleflips put that viewer in GBJ for even mentioning his diabolical plot to trap gay babies in jails because fuck gay babies.


A GBJ meets the following conditions. Specific rules may change depending on the game.

  • Being there prevents progress toward any main objective, such as Power Stars in Super Mario 64.
  • It provides no way to lose a life as a way to escape—excluding abstract features such as level timers.
  • The player character cannot escape it using in-level tools.
  • The player character might be unable to move due to the cause being a Reverse Polygon, or it's a slide surface leading into another slide surface.
  • Depending on the strictness of the definition, the player might not be able to escape it by exiting the level from a menu.
  • If you can BLJ it's not a GBJ.

Notes Edit

  • Also known as a "Homosexual Infant Prison" (HIP)
  • Another way to get to GBJ is via its airport; which can be found here.
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