A rare form of BLJ (Backwards Long Jump) in which the user is able to perform incredible strats that are otherwise impossible by normal BLJ standards; it is also known as a G-BLJ or GBLJ.

In the lore, G-BLJ's are a rare gift from the divine entity Roxanne that allow SimpleFlips to BLJ to numerous effects. Some of these effects include breaking the space-time continuum, escaping GBJs, birthing new memes, and even traveling through media formats, as seen in hhoganmc's video.

The long-term effects of G-BLJing have not been studied as they are exceedingly rare, but it can be assumed that they are only meant for a god's use and therefore put an enormous amount of stress on mortal bodies.

In short-term use, G-BLJ's temporarily cripple the user's mind which results in a short spout of mental retardation. SimpleFlips is able to recover from this psychological trauma rather quickly, but it nonetheless has a profound effect on him for a moment.
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