HE'S FREE is a video uploaded by Simpleflips on the 27th of July 2018.

The video is Simpleflips playing a Kaizo Super Mario 64 Hack.

Featured Characters: Simpleflips, Foxen, Humph, Villager, Mario, Green Demon, Toad, Lakitu, Narrator, Pink Bob-Omb, Goomba, Bob-Omb, Chain Chomp, Super Mario 64 Star, King Whomp, The Owl, Bowser, Klepto, Fly Guy, Bully, Imp.

Lore: Simpleflips spend the rest of his life talking to Toad, Which confirms that there are multiple Simpleflips's, and here one of them leaves, this Simpleflips also became toad meaning that there is a SimpleBUP. There's a free Chain Chomp out there somewhere.

Random Quicksand Amount Deaths: 3

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