Jet Eriksen Might Be Jesus Son Son Son

INFINITE GBJ is a video uploaded by Simpleflips on 31 Aug 2018.

The Thumbnail is a picture of a mario with black clothes in a rainbow colored room with a bob-omb with Piplup Guy or Jet Eriksen's face on it.

Featured Characters: Green Faced Witch, Spoopy Ghost, Boo, Eyeball, Simpleflips, Mario, Zombie, Super Mario 64 Star, Red Dragon (His name is probably gay because simpleflips said when he saw that he wasn't mario that he was Gay), Heave Ho, Bup, Chuckya, Peach, Nathaniel Bandy, Toad, Kirby, Scuttlebug, Green Demon (Or Purple Demon?), Jet Eriksen Bob-Omb.

Gay Baby Jail Amount: 2

Lore: A new type of Gay Baby Jail was introduced in this video, the Mexican Gay Baby Jail, Simpleflips got Gay Baby Jail on a Mexican flag.

Characters Mentioned by Jet Eriksen Bob-Omb: Spongebob, Goomba, Koppa Troopa, Paraboopa, Bullet Bill, Big Boo, Whompy.

End Card Text: What A Prison Is Thatttttt.