Lava (called Magma underground but who gives a fuck about that?) is another deadly surface like Quicksand that sort of kills all on contact. Unlike Quicksand, Simpleflips, Mario, and BUP is able to move through Lava, athough they lose health while being flung up into the air apon touching the lava due to severe roasts. In Super Mario 64, lava is (obviously) only found in lava themed stages like Lethal Lava Land, the volcano, Bowser In The Fire Sea, Bowser 2, and Snowman's Land (as the really cold ice under the Bully platform.) In other hacks however, mostly garbage ones, Lava is constantly spammed to death (sometimes serving as a stand in for acid or really cold ice) like Quicksand, and while not as deadly as Quicksand, it may cause massive spoop, painer, and angery for clearly not lava surfaces to suddenly be revealed to be lava, not normal ground. It is possible to traverse lava using a shell, or a Metal Cap.

Lava is one of the Simpleflips Elements of tranquility, a sacred list of the powers of ROM Hacks.
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