Lazy Texture packs are extremely lazy texture packs that replaces everything in the unedited version of Super Mario 64 with a single texture. Releasio 64 technically doesn't count as it also makes real effort to fuck up Toad's movement, allowing for more, seriously greatish awesome powerfully powerfullishy great amazing greater power of playing.

If you send Simpleflips a Lazy Texture Pack, don't expect him to get past the first level, because he's not going to. Don't even think about sending one into a competition, because then it's going to place pretty lowly.

Example of Lazy Texture Packs are, but not limited to:

  • A Competition 1 hack that replaced everything with Nathaniel Bandy.
  • Toad-megeddon.
  • Super Draegast 64.
  • Super Duper Mario 64.
  • Super Exploshi 64.
And many, many, many, more...
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