A Super Mario 64 trick used in speedruns were you triple jump into the star inside a cage in Whomps Fortress.

Back in the old days, when dad was still home, Simpleflips could do that trick easily, however, in recent times he has lost the ability to do it, presumably due to old age.

Transcript Edit

SimpleFlips: There's an owl, hiding in that tree, and I've always known about this, but, now is like he is taunting me, I thought I was above it, and I truly was above it, so far above it, above everything, imagine me at the cage, no sense of doubt, but no movement, no ascention, no direction, is this my alternate dimension, to kick the cage, yahoo, weboi, land in the cage, go in the cage, don't fall of the cage, why you fall of the cage, no. You know they say that when you fail is important to bring yourself back up, put yourself back on your feet and try againFUCK, still can't do it, I just can't do owless anymore, I can't do owless anymore.
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