Pause Buffering is cheating? First of all, fuck you. Two, and also, no it's not.
— SimpleFlips, 2 HOUR BLJ: THE SEQUEL

Pause buffering is a technique in Super Mario 64 that is used to perform precise inputs. It works by pausing the game repeatedly, which slows the game down and allows certain button presses to be registered for multiple frames in a row, which the game translates as holding the button down.

Controversy Edit

Pause buffering is considered to be a cheap tactic by some members of the SimpleFlips community, who rally around the cry: "Pause buffering is cheating!"

Proponents Edit

SimpleFlips frequently utilizes pause buffering, often to perform precise BLJs.

Opponents Edit

Ben3759 is known to be an opponent of pause buffering, calling SimpleFlips a cheater when he used pause buffering to obtain the star: "BLJ The Thwomp's Cock," in his hack: "BLJ."