Sam, The Dancing Matzo ManEdit

Sam, The Dancing Matzo Man is one of the many bangers that SimpleFlips has encountered. One donator(Boys-Town) randomly began to spam Sam, The Dancing Matzo Man, which caused Sam to grow in power. After the spam, a mysterious man known as m4tz_0man donated and began playing Vengabus. Just as SimpleFlips was thankful for the end of Sam's reign, Sam was revealed to be the one driving the bus as he began to take over the song. Sam's attack caught the gay idiot by surprise but has since been absent.


Sam, The Dancing Matzo Man


Sam is the dancing matzo man, he makes matzos as fast as he can. Sam, being the matzo man, is the only one who can feed the people of the land. When spring comes around Sam begins to tell the story of how the children ran for glory. Sam's real name is Samuel.

Recently, it has been revealed by Father Simp that upon given the chance, Sam does not hesitate to make matzos.


Sam's occupation is being a dancing matzo man. He works hard at his job in order to make matzos as fast as he possibly can. Due to Sam's profession, he is able to feed the people of the land, it is likely that the people of the land depend on him for sustenance and is the only one who can support their survival. Sam has a story that he tells when it is spring of how the children ran for glory. Only Sam knows what this glory was, possibly a glorious matzo of his making, a race, or possibly a gladiatorial battle. The aforementioned children may be us, the children of Father Flips. If this is the case, then after Dad abandoned us, Sam may have taken it upon himself to feed us in his absence. What a kind soul.

Early Life Edit

Sam's early life involved selling drugs on the black market by hiding them in Matzos which he baked. Eventually, he became so well known for the number of matzos that he bakes each day, that he quit selling drugs and started his own small business where he sells matzos and other types of bread. In spring break all the children would run to his bakery for his legendary matzos which are flat, dry, and delicious. However, the government knew about Sam's troubled life and arrested him. Around 2 weeks later it was reported on several news articles that he escaped the prison. His whereabouts are unknown. The people of the land have suffered since he did supply a majority of the food. His popularity was so popular at one point that they made toys of him.


Sam, The Dancing Matzo Man is a very powerful being and his matzos support billions of lives. Hopefully Sam will continue to make matzos as fast as he can in order to preserve all of mankind.

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