Not to be confused with Nathaniel Bandy Everytime

Scuttlebug Bandy is a reoccurring joke within the SimpleFlips and Minus World communities, similar from the joke "Nathaniel Bandy Everytime", a joke also using Minus World member Nathaniel Bandy, saying that he is actually hidden in certain frames. Scuttlebug Bandy revolves around saying that he is actually a scuttlebug from the game Super Mario 64.

Due to the similarity between the two jokes, they are often combined, resulting in "Nathaniel Scuttlebug Bandy Everytime".

Lore Edit

In the lore, Scuttlebug Bandy gives the pretense of disliking 1, 2 Oatmeal, and convinces Harry to give up his Oatmeal addiction in the video "The Truth Behind 1 2 Oatmeal (Hilarious Song Request)". He also seems to enjoy having Jamborees, like other Scuttlebugs.[1]

However, it was later revealed that Scuttlebug Bandy was actually an alias for John the whole time. John reveals that he was the one who created Harry in the first place, and created billions of clones of him. John prepares to kill Harry after the latter discovers his cloning building at 123 Gay Baby Street. He reveals his motivation for his crimes: "Pink Gold Peach is awesome, holy shit".[2] The Narrator Guy comes in to save Harry as John activates a bomb he had. They manage to collect 8 Red Coins, and Narrator Guy tells Harry to get the Star and escape without him. As the factory explodes, Bandy fakes his death.[3]

After Harry has successfully created an Oatmeal-free world, John returns, proclaiming, "But, [Harry] doesn't even realize that the only way to defeat Oatmeal is to eliminate the source. I think it's time to unleash him." He unleashes mariofan888 to attack Harry and Emma. Mariofan888 locks Harry and Emma inside their house, proceeding to mindbreak a 911 operator, then Emma herself.[4]

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