Do you know who I am? I'm Simple god damn daddy Flips.
The man, the myth, the legend, Simpleflips (aka dad, daddy, mighty plumber, the speedrunner, the BUP master, gay idiot).

His real name, according to his PayPal, is Eddie Cruz. But knowing him and his shenanigans, it's probably a fake to give a false lead to his children. He has also stated on one occasion that his name, for real, is Aveire.

He's always able to just conjure up 2 hours of free time to do dumb shit to get a star in an unintended way; however, he still can't find time to come home to his supposed children. Despite his neglectful nature, the "children" still have faith that he will BLJ back into their lives and become the great father they know he can be.

Although he is generally disliked within the speedrunning community, it is unclear why, even to the speedrunners themselves.

Abilities Edit

  1. BLJ
  2. Bomb clip (1 every 100 times)
  3. Achieving everything on the first try, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeediot
  4. Changing his IQ at will, it ranges from 200 to 2 octillion. Also, he can use his special IQ glasses to increase his IQ into IIIQ (such a large number that the universe fails to display it properly).
  5. Summoning thousands of his dozens of his twitch bots
  6. Having no regrets when he abandoned us
  7. Smelling like a wet dog
  8. Hearing music through his mouth
  9. Being able to kill his dad
  10. Controlling Simpleflips
  11. Timeout, ban and/or mod people on twitch.
  12. Taking the moon
  13. Being a friend
  14. Imprisoning homosexual infants
  15. getting stuck in the prisons he used on gay babies
  16. Doing the God BLJ
  17. IRL BLJ
  18. Downing some oats in approximately 41 seconds.
  19. His cum can move mountains
  20. Eating an entire Pringles can
  21. Can hold four pigeons at a time without using cages
  22. Can deprive Piplup Guy of his GBJs for long periods of time.
  23. There is no shoe he can't buckle!
  24. He's sick.
  25. Demolishing idiots in Tetris
  26. Is most definitely not an undercover cop. At all.
  27. Can obtain an infinite amount of shoutouts

Weaknesses Edit

  1. No Rotating.
  2. Horse Cock.
  3. Quicksand.
  4. Gay Baby Jail.
  5. Homosexuality.
  6. Penguins.
  7. Evil Penguins.
  8. Rotating planet made of very evil penguins.
  9. The Green Demon.
  10. Hidden Teleports.
  11. The Candy Shop.
  12. Ram Ranch.
  13. Unsuspicious 1-ups that in reality, kill you.
  14. Invisible walls.
  15. Bad camera.
  16. He's sick.
  17. 100 Ways to Love a Cat
  18. 1-2 Oatmeal
  19. The penny.

Accomplishments: Edit

  1. "BLJ'd" the Thwomp's cock for the second time in roughly 4 minutes, with his first time through taking near two hours.
  2. Caught a SimpleFlips stream.
  3. Fucked Fred.
  4. Helped a bob-omb get a raise and take over the company the bob-omb was working at.
  5. Had a better idea.
  6. Has visited Gay Cowboy Jail.
  7. Moved multiple mountains with his cum.
  8. Shrunk Foxen (roughly the size of the explorer guy from Tetris-Plus) and hid him in his hair.
  9. Clickbaiting, in his video from march 12th with the title "Clickbait is GREAT" he created a clickbait thumbnail for his first time

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