(SimpleFlips got his first copy of Super Mario 64 when his friend allowed him to borrow it. He then moved away and took it with him. He said this on stream, mentioning he did it because it felt like the right thing to do.)

Super Mario 64 is a game that was developed and released by the titan of a company named Nintendo. It is one of SimpleFlips' most played games, with him streaming ROM hacks of SM64 relatively frequently. Over the years, it's what has made this community as a whole. Nearly all of the recurring jokes, memes, and everything in-between has originated from this very game and it's different edited iterations.

Gameplay consists of satisfying 3D movement throughout all 15 stages, with your objective being to collect all of the game's power-stars. Overall, there are a total of 120 stars to collect in-game. This was also the first (major-launch title) to feature Mario's voice, giving SimpleFlips fans alike to crack a few jokes over his various "yahoo!"s. Because of the obvious shift in dimensions, Mario's moveset got completely revamped as well, giving players a multitude of options for amazing and sometimes physics-defying opportunities for movement through levels that were made for even newcomers to easily go throughout.

New features (and potential staples) of this game were recognized as:

  • A large and detailed hubworld to explore.
  • Easter-eggs ("L is real", and Yoshi.)
  • Unique power-ups. (Caps.)
  • Mips. (Specifically, giving chase to certain sentient beings that give you a reward when caught.)
  • Bonus levels. (Not counting certain casino-like locations or hidden areas that contain minimal rewards in previous games.)
  • The optional removal of Mario's cap and it's debuff. (Increased damage intake.)
  • More personified NPCs.
  • Unique Bowser and boss-fights in general. (Certain means of attacks pertaining to who the player is actually fighting, i.e, ground-pounding a whomp or throwing a bomb.)
  • And many more!!

Without Super Mario 64, this great, expanding community of ours would be near nonexistent. Shoutouts to 'Simp for playing this wonderful game for God knows how long anymore. <3

Here's to whatever subscriber count we're currently aspiring to reach!