TJ "Henry" Yoshi (number of quote marks varies) or TJ / Henry Yoshi is a streamer and YouTube user who has interacted with pannenkoek2012 and Minus World.

Background Edit

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TJ rose to online fame in January 2016 for posting a comment challenging Pannenkoek2012's half-A press notation on the video "SM64 - Pole-Jumping for Red Coins - 0.5x A Presses", which was featured in Pannenkoek2012's later video, "SM64 - Watch for Rolling Rocks - 0.5x A Presses (Commentated)". One scene at the beginning of the video involved Pannenkoek2012 rebutting this comment—"an a press is an a press. You can't say its only a half"—and poking fun at the quote marks in TJ's username at the time. After the video was spread through 4chan's /v/ board, the video, and TJ, became viral memes.

Current Influence Edit

Though TJ remains dubious of the half-A press nomenclature, he now appears to be on neutral or good terms with pannenkoek2012, despite memes painting the two as sitcom rivals.

TJ later published a video challenging SimpleFlips to a Super Mario 64 race. SimpleFlips jokingly accused TJ of embellishing his skill through distracting video editing; and in a stream featured in "Downfall of The Mighty Plumber", Simpleflips claimed that TJ would have to be "a fan of getting his PUSSY DESTROYED" to race him. TJ has since participated in YouTubers vs. Speedrunner videos, competing against SimpleFlips.

He was considered for being an opening member of the group Minus World, but was dropped in favor for YouTubers with a more consistent upload schedule.

As a Meme Edit

Due to the popularity of Pannenkoek2012's HMC video, TJ has been the subject of many memes both on and off the SimpleFlips channel. This is typically done by referencing quotes from the Pannenkoek video which referenced TJ, referencing a YTPMV created by YouTube user "most", or simply adding more and more quotation marks to his old username. (ex. TJ """"""""""""""Henry"""""""""""""" Yoshi.)

Personal Life Edit

TJ streams on Twitch with his parents once a year and listens to way too much Eurobeat. TJ has moved into college a while ago and is now ready to get crushed by debt.

Notes Edit

SM64 - Watch for Rolling Rocks - 0

SM64 - Watch for Rolling Rocks - 0.5x A Presses (Commentated)

Pannenkoek2012's video on HMC.

"Henry" builds speed for over 12 hours in order to cross the extent of QPUs to shitpost on Youtube

"Henry" builds speed for over 12 hours in order to cross the extent of QPUs to shitpost on Youtube

The YTPMV commonly used with memes. It goes to the song "Staff Roll - Super Mario 64".

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