WHAT DO I DO?? is a Super Mario Maker video uploaded by Simpleflips on the 14th of may 2018.

You're Pretty Hot Dad

Featured Characters: The P Switch, Simpleflips, Lava Bubble, The Pow Block, Bob-Omb, Fire Flower, Mushroom, Galoomba, Piranha Plant, Lakitu, Super Mario Maker Cloud, Muncher, Magikoopa, Bowser, Dry Bones, Kirby, Star, Yoshi, Hammer Bro, Bullet Bill, Clown Car, Spiny, Bowser Jr.

Lore: The P Switch Returns, Simple is an AI (Explaining his 200 IQ), The P Switch Betrays Simple, Simples Dick is a president, Egypt wasn't built in Rome.

End Card Text: Not The Episode With The Dead Dog.

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